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I will be reviewing three educator blogs for content, accessibility and organization of ideas. Since I am preparing to teach elementary school students, I will be mainly focusing on blogs created by elementary school age educators. I will also be looking for inspirational ideas and activities on the educator blogs that I visit because I believe that educators sharing knowledge is essential in order to enhance student learning in the classroom. I feel that educator blogs can be a great place where educators can virtually share classroom experiences and ideas with one another. I hope that I find insightful information from different educator blogs so that I  feel comfortable enough to create my own educator blog one day.  

The first educator blog that I am reviewing is titled, Creating Lifelong Learners, its main focus is on integrating technology into education. The blog is written a man who strives to integrate new forms of technology into the classroom in order to improve student learning. The blog highlights new forms of technology that can be used within the classroom and beyond. Many of the posts on the blog include information about current educational concerns and the impact of new forms of technology  in the classroom. Check out this blog post about  The Common Core State Standards and Technology, which is titled Understanding Technology in the Common Core Standards. This post provides insightful information about technology’s role in implementing the Common Core State Standards Nationally. Sources for how the information in the post is gathered are also included, which makes it easier for the viewer to continue researching this topic area if they wish. The blog contains posts about new forms of technology that can be used within the classroom and information on how teachers can use these new forms of technology are also included within many of the posts.

The blog also contains several tabs with links to additional educational blogs and resources that can easily be accessed through the Creating Lifelong Learners Blog. Two of the linked blogs, which are written by the same author as the Creating Lifelong Learners blog, include:

Needleworks Education

Video in the Classroom

The blog is a great source for teachers and educators that are looking to find ways to integrate new forms of technology into the classroom. Technology can be a valuable educational tool and providing information to teachers on how to implement these new forms of technology is important when it comes to facilitating student learning and engagement.

I have personally seen how technology can  be used effectively in the classroom to increase student learning and engagement. I also know that many teachers are unaware of the benefits of some of these technologies and are unsure of how they should implement them into the classroom. It is great to see new forms of technology being developed for education and to learn ways in which technology can successfully be used in the classroom to promote learning. This blog is a great resource for educators and provides information that can help teachers better integrate technology into their classrooms.  

Link to Creating Lifelong Learners:

The second educator blog that I viewed, The 1:1 Classroom focuses on Ideas, Reflections, and Links from a 3rd Grade Teacher in a 1:1 Enviroment. The blog provides a great deal of resources for teachers or other viewers to gain insight about effective teaching strategies. The posts on the blog are written by a third grade teacher who shares his perspectives about learning. The blog is a great resource if you are looking for insight into how to teach in a 1:1 setting.The blog shares information through posts about both local and national educational concerns.

 Some of the posts on the blog include:

 Consumptive Technology vs. Creative Technology  This blog post focuses on the impact of technology in a 1:1 setting.

1:1 Computing and the Mooresville Example This blog post links to a NY times article about a successful 1:1 program in Mooresville, NC.

I found this blog to contain a lot of valuable information for teachers and student teachers who may be working in a 1:1 setting. The blog included many links to activities and enrichment options for teachers. I found the blog to be organized but fairly difficult to navigate. The information provided in the posts is enough reason to visit this blog and I also found the blog to be easy to “follow” because it was created under a worldpress account, which is the same server that I use for my blog. However, I think that it could be a bit more polished in order to make it more easily navigable to viewers that are not familiar to reading blogs.

Link to The 1:1 Classroom Blog:

The third educator blog that I visited, Learning is Messy, was created by an upper elementary school teacher with 30 years experience. The creator of this blog is actively engaged in promoting the importance of elementary education to other educators and to the public. The blog is full of informational posts about educational concerns for teachers of elementary students. It is full of inspirational ideas for teachers and includes examples of how technology can be used successfully to enhance student learning.

The blog includes a tab with a link titled, Links to My Students’ Work,where blog visitors can see what students are up too in the classroom. This tab includes links to a Our Class Blog, Class Wiki Page  , Our “Animal Ark Wiki Page” and many other links where blog viewers can see students work.

This blog is all inclusive when it comes to an educational blog. The blog provides useful perspectives  about education from National concerns to individual classroom concerns for elementary teachers. Its name, Learning is Messy , is a perfect way to sum up the type of information that you will find on the blog. The blog contains useful insight into the world of education, covering both the good and not so good aspects of the field. If you are looking for a well-written blog about education and all that surrounds it, this is the right blog for you.

Link to Learning is Messy Blog:


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  1. Hi Haley, I really enjoyed looking at your first educator blog, Creating Lifetime Learners. I loved how informative it was to the new technology that is being introduce slowly to teachers. We have all heard that Apple iPads are being used more frequently and this would be a great site to use for ideas on what apps to download and how to use them. I did a little exploring on the blog and I really like the blogs categories and how it was set up. It made it very easy to navigate through. This blog has a great ‘first day of school’ activities section. Also, I found that under the 2nd grade category it gave a procedure list for [new] teachers to use for the first day to get students well acquainted to the classroom. Great blog!

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