Flickr Galleries


Flickr Gallery-Pollution

I have never used Flickr prior to this course. I have learned a lot of beneficial functions of Flickr through completing the assignments in this course. Flickr can absolutely be used as a teaching tool for educators. Flickr can easily be accessed and used for classroom instruction, research projects, and even to showcase students work. Teachers have the ability to create organized collections of images on Flickr by adding images to galleries, sets, or slide shows. Teachers can also easily share images or collections of images with other teachers through Flickr.

Teachers can create a Flickr Gallery, by pulling photographs that relate to a particular curriculum standard or objective off of Flickr. Flickr has a plethora of photographs that teachers can choose from when creating his or her Flickr Gallery. The Flickr Gallery can be used to organize photographs that teachers find on a specific topic and the teacher can access his or her Flickr account to share these images with students or other teachers.

The Flickr Gallery that I created is a collection of images that show the effects of pollution on our environment. I tried to incorporate photographs of different types of pollution, including air, water and land, for my gallery. The Pollution gallery could be shared with students as a whole class in order to give them a visual understanding of what is considered pollution and how pollution negatively effects our environment. Showing students the Flickr gallery on pollution would provide a good opportunity for the teacher to initiate small group or class discussions about the reasons why pollution is a globally recognized environmental threat.


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