The Slideoo presentation that I created is comprised of photographs of Smith Island. The slideshow includes images of the island life, community, and economy. The slideshow can be used as an extension activity for a lesson on how “people in Maryland depend on, change, and are affected by the environment.” The Slideoo presentation will show students how people on Smith Island have been affected by environmental factors. Students would be able to see a visual representation of what life is like on Smith Island and how the environment has impacted people, in such a secluded Maryland community. The Slideoo presentation on Smith Island will greatly enhance a lesson that addresses the above listed curriculum objectives and standards. I would show the Slideoo presentation after discussing how life on Smith Island has changed because of environmental factors. I believe that the Slideoo presentation would be effective for diverse learners within the classroom. I also feel that the presentation will grab students’ attention and also entice students to learn more about the environmental impacts that have affected people who live in Maryland and more specifically the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Since I do not have the full version of WorldPress, I was not able to embed my Slideoo presentation on Smith Island because it was too large of a media file. Please access my digital products from Slideeo from my IGoogle page. IGoogle Page- Slideoo Presentation on Life on Smith Island


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