Creating a Wikispaces account to hold a lesson plan is a great idea for classroom teachers. It is a great way for teachers to keep lesson information,documents, videos, and other resources organized all in one place! Teachers are beginning to to use Wikispaces more and more for classroom instruction, lessons, and activities. Wikispaces even has an option for teachers to upgrade to the better subscription package for free. Although my initial set up of my Wikispace page for my lesson on the U.S. Constitution was challenging, I cannot wait to use Wikispaces the next time that I need to teach a lesson that incorporates technology. I plan on keeping my Wikispaces page open and updating it regularly as I progress towards becoming a real teacher. Wikispaces is a great technology driven tool for both teachers and librarians.

I have learned about so many great technology tools that can be used for instructional and professional development. It is only right that teachers are kept educated on the most up-to-date technology so that we can prepare young students for the digitally driven world that surrounds them. I cannot wait to use the technology tools that I have learned about this summer when I have my own classroom.

Wikispaces Page-SLM508-Assignment4


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