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Learning Log- Wikis


Primary Math

This wiki was created for primary math classes to be able to share their math learning with other math classes around the world. Discussions, photos, videos, and news updates are featured on the page to help expand and connect primary mathematics learning around the world. 

Littlewood’s Nature Guide

This Wiki site is maintained by a group of 5th graders at Littlewood Elementary School. The Wiki page includes a video of images that the students took of different plants in the environment. The Wiki is a 21st Century Learners version of a yard field guide and students use it to share information about the surrounding environment. 

Cool Cat Teacher Blog

This blog, created by a teacher named Vicki, is an inspiring example of how teachers can use blogs to benefit impact on student learning. The blog features ideas for teachers to use to become more connected with one another, students, and parents through technology. 

Classroom Wikis

A collection of Classroom Wikis resource. The recommended Classroom Wikis examples are listed by grade level so that users can easily find educational wiki pages. 



Creating a Wikispaces account to hold a lesson plan is a great idea for classroom teachers. It is a great way for teachers to keep lesson information,documents, videos, and other resources organized all in one place! Teachers are beginning to to use Wikispaces more and more for classroom instruction, lessons, and activities. Wikispaces even has an option for teachers to upgrade to the better subscription package for free. Although my initial set up of my Wikispace page for my lesson on the U.S. Constitution was challenging, I cannot wait to use Wikispaces the next time that I need to teach a lesson that incorporates technology. I plan on keeping my Wikispaces page open and updating it regularly as I progress towards becoming a real teacher. Wikispaces is a great technology driven tool for both teachers and librarians.

I have learned about so many great technology tools that can be used for instructional and professional development. It is only right that teachers are kept educated on the most up-to-date technology so that we can prepare young students for the digitally driven world that surrounds them. I cannot wait to use the technology tools that I have learned about this summer when I have my own classroom.

Wikispaces Page-SLM508-Assignment4

What is your attitude towards science?


Below is an attitude survey that was created to determine a person’s attitude towards science. The survey can be used by teachers and/or students to test how each of the groups feel about science. The survey was formatted into a “google form,” a formatting option found in Google Documents, that can be accessed and taken by anyone who has access to the link. The results of each completed survey are recorded and delivered to the “google form” creator and anyone else who has access to it. The survey results can easy be inputed into data analysis in order to find attitude results for an entire group.

Google Forms- Science Attitude Survey

Learning Log-iGoogle


iGoogle is a great resource for people in the education field. It can be used to organize pages, documents, photographs, slideshows, and other social networking sites. IGoogle pages can even be used to keep track of everyday news (both local and international), the date, and the local weather. An iGoogle page allows the user to keep track of all of their important information in a clean and organized digital format. An iGoogle page can be used by teachers to collect information for a lesson or unit. The page can also be used to gather photographs, slideshows, videos, and other media that can be shared with students during a lesson. It is a great digital organization tool that has many additional implications in the education field. Although iGoogle pages are personal and cannot be shared with others, it is a great application for personal organization and collection based on the users interests.